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Motor Home - How to use Liquid Rubber

with any Motorhome product, preparation is key to a good finish. The roof of your Motorhome must be clean and you’ll also need to survey the damage, paying careful attention to three areas:

  • Gaps, holes or tears – Any gaps in your Motorhome up to 1/15 inch can be taped up with poly-fabric or double-sided butyl tape. Motorhome holes that are 1/16 inch or larger should be repaired.
  • Any silicone should be removed if possible and these areas should be treated with Pro-flex primer.
  • Remove any rust with a wire brush

Lightly sand the roof of the Motorhome and any metal fixings you will be coating. Before you apply the liquid rubber to the Motorhome roof, a catalyst that comes with the product (?) must be added and mixed, a drill with a mixer attachment is ideal for this. You are then ready to paint the liquid onto your Motorhome.

Although waterproof immediately after application, the product cures between 12 and 26 degrees centigrade and is completely dry within a week.