950ml (1 US Quart) BLACK Liquid Rubber
Only true EPDM in Liquid form in the World
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950ml (1 US Quart) BLACK Liquid Rubber

Two-component chemically curing EPDM Rubber in easy to apply liquid form. Cures to create a seamless membrane that permanently seals leaks on seams, seals and flashings. Refurbish an entire roof or make repairs to an existing roof, quickly and easily.

Apply in a single coating to a variety of surfaces without the need for a primer - Liquid Rubber is instantly waterproof, withstanding ponding water or immersion immediately and indefinitely. Liquid Rubber is ideal for recoating EPDM roof membranes, troweled concrete, weathered metal roofing, foam, weathered siding and more.

US Gallons Litres Coverage (m2) Coverage (ft2)
 1/4 950ml 0.925–0.975 10–10.5
 1 3.78 3.70–3.90
 2 7.56 7.43–7.80
 3 11.34  11.14–11.70
 4 15.12 14.86–15.60
 5 18.90  18.58–19.50 200–210 
 6 22.68  22.29–23.41

£51.40 inc VAT
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